Legacy of Fire Scad

Between A Roc And A Hard Place

A Year of Events: Part 1 of 3

Calistril 18th, 4711 AR

Haleen let loose her last flourish to win the match, her unsuspecting challenger toppling over the stage. The roaring crowd supporting their champion of Battle Market. Her pleasure was short lived however as she looked upon an empty seat in the first row…


Char Odin sat in his study at Wharf Manor holding out his afflicted hand. The mold that was Vardishal’s essence had grown ridged and gnarly across his skin… It was spreading. In his meditation a blade would form into his outstretched hand. A colorless replica of Tempest…

His door burst open and the blade dissipated. A nervous halfling standing in his doorway.

“Sir Odin! Sir Odin! Nearly all of our potions are out of stock and we’ve about done ourselves in with those defective returning arrows! Folks are getting a mean way about the store sir!”

“Oh… well why don’t you-"

Just then a raging dwarven woman trampled over the halfling!

“You told us workers that you’d get new equipment in by the end of the month!”

“I know, I know. I’m expecting a delivery any day now.”

The dwarf was suddenly tumbled over the halfling as the poor shopkeep tried to rise to his feet. Now in his door frame stood none other than the heaving hero Magni Bronzebeard!

“Oh er um… s-sorry ma’am…. Oh-Odin! Come quick there’s a awful ruckus brewing in the Battle Market!”

“Jackpot!” Char Odin grabbed his trusty shield and bounded over the mass of dissatisfied Kelmerites.


A chain net had been tossed over the open top of Battle Market. People poured out of the the only unlocked door where the battle ensued. The Zephyr Guard cut down gnolls while Arturas peppered the enemies with a rain of arrows. Magni joined in the fray while Char dove into the building ready to meet the source of this madness.
A large shadowy beast darted an thrashed from the higher levels of the market. Goods and equipment strewn about the area, people huddled together trying to hide themselves from injury.

“Oh great! Now you show up.” Haleen scoffed as she pulls her rapier from a gnoll’s bloody maw.

“You picked a fine time to get here, man” Dashki stood in a pile of gnoll carcases. “…I think that’s the last of them.”

“What happened here!?” Char questioned Dashki, ignoring the frustrated gypsy woman.

“Maaaaan. So this is how it was, ya dig? These dogfaces came up in here with some kind of big ass bird and let the damn things loose! Its thrashed itself all over the place since it couldn’t fly out the top!” Dashki colorfully explained while pointing to the chain netting. “Not sure what the hell it is, all I know is it ain’t no gyre like I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ll go check it out.” Char marched his way up the Market’s steps but Haleen was quick to catch him.

“What’s gotten into you lately Char? I thought we-”

“I’ve been busy” Char snapped back at her continuing to walk towards his unknown foe.

Huddled in a corner was a large bird, beaten and in a panic. It let out an ear piercing cry as Char approached it. For some reason he felt possessed to approach the creature. The beast suddenly fell silent and allowed him to move forward. Char reached towards the creature and placed his hand atop it’s head. A calming warmth swept over the two and both found peace within each other’s company. Followed by a blinding light the two collapsed to the floor, unconscious.


Char Odin awoke in his bed only to see Alma and Garavel towering over him…

“I don’t know what the hell happened with you and that bloody Roc in there but you had better be the one to handle this situation! Imagine the chaos that needs to be quelled after such an event! We need to set up a constant patrol surrounding the town! Get off your ass and neutralize this disaster at once!” and with that the Lady Alma stormed out of the room with her guards following.

Garavel covered his mouth to clear his throat, “Ahem!… You may find the bird in the stables… It suffered multiple injuries during the incident but should survive. What the gnolls were doing with such a creature I don’t know… but their sudden bravery is not a good sign. That will be all for now…”



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