Legacy of Fire Scad

So The Tales Speak True

Irizatih and Aalim padded lightly across the rocky crags in which the city of Kelmerane was nestled. They crouched behind a large outcrop and peered over, as if afraid the city itself would notice their presence.

“Sivanah’s Veil, so the tales speak true,” Aalim whispered, “Kelmerane reclaimed! I had thought it forever lost, fated to melt beneath the sands.”

“My boys wouldn’t lie.” Irizatih hissed.

“Not if loot was to be had, I’m sure.” the bard laughed. “They say the warriors slew a legion of djinn in the city’s bowels.”

“Not bleedin’ likely. I figure the streets was packed with my associates’ less-than-civil mutt-kin. A solid beatin’ stick and a satchel full of rawhide would’ve probably gotten them further than their dinky-arse axes and swords. Ropchop even tells me one of ’em’s a dwarf. Imagine! I bet the sand’d swallow ’im up if he stood still too long.” Irizatih said.

“We would do well not to underestimate them, my friend. We’ve no idea yet whether they would take kindly to the likes of you and I.” Aalim warned.

Irizatih stood and began dusting the sand from his knees.

“Yeah, well, I’ll judge how valorous and kind they are when I tell them their high-priest is dead and I’m his heir. I don’t fancy this meeting, I tell you.”

Aalim vaulted the outcrop and pulled his sash across his mouth and nose.

“Perhaps not, my friend, but you cannot deny… whether they slew djinni or an army of gnolls, they are sure to have a wealth in stories and legends to relate!”

With that Aalim broke into a run, disappearing in a wake of sand. Irizatih watched him until he disappeared through the front gates of Kelmerane. With a sigh he turned and looked back to the valley where he had suggested his “associates” remain. He took out a small, silver whistle engraved with Sarenrae’s holiest symbol, the ankh. He lifted the whistle to his lips and blew the signal, a code for “safe”, which was silent to the ears of normal humans, but not to gnolls.

“Zastoran, I hope you knew what you were doing when you asked this of me,” he muttered before taking off towards the gates.



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