Legacy of Fire Scad


Kelmerane Reclaimed!

Only weeks after the Merchant-Princess Alma recruited the disheveled mercenaries, Char, Magni, and Arturas proved their worth beyond that of common men.

Their duty required a testy alliance with the Gnolls of the Brazen Peaks, but with the fate of Kelmerane in the balance, no price was too great. The Kulldis tribe was overwhelmed by their cooperation and Kelmerane reclaimed.

However, seeming resolutions seem to unthread other plots, and now a deeper mystery has been revealed. What is the Legacy of Fire, and how will it test the saviors of Kelmerane?

Now the formerly barren city swarms with life once more. Merchants arrive daily to ply their wares and settlers have set their gaze upon the gates of Kelmerane. Lady Alma has instituted the wildly popular Battle Market and entertainers and celebrities of all kinds draw crowds from miles around.

But is it safe? Each night a lone howl, forlorn and feral all at once, issues down from the Pale Mountain; a chilling reminder that the only thing that stands between Kelmerane and the cruel indifference of the desert sands is the spirit of her people.

So long as the Carrion King sits atop his grisly throne, Kelmerane may never truly rest.



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