Char Odin

Char Odin is a Paladin who loves to talk and jest of his greatness, he hails from Cassomir and enjoys standing on the front lines of battle.



  • Class: Paladin
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 7’
  • Weight: 185lbs
  • Hair: Brown/Silver
  • Eyes: Orange/Brown
  • Skin: Fair
  • Age: 26
  • Likes: Rare items and Saving the Innocent.
  • Dislikes: Slime, Mold, and any combination of the two.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Patron: Alma Roveshki
  • Trait: Finding Haleen


  • STR: 16 (+3)
  • DEX: 12 (+1)
  • CON: 16 (+3)
  • INT: 10 (+0)
  • WIS: 8 (-1)
  • CHA: 20 (+5)


  • Fortitude: +15
  • Reflex: +8
  • Will: +10


  • Action Points: 2
  • HP: 99
  • Speed: 30ft
  • AC: 25 (Flat-Footed 21 , Touch 12)
  • Tempest : Bastard Sword
  • 13/8 Melee (1d10+1d6(frost)+4 19-20/x2)
  • Longbow
  • 9/4 Ranged (1d8 20/x3)
  • CMB: +11 ( +8 BAB, +3 Strength)
  • CMD: +22 (10 Base, +8 BAB, +3 Strength, +1 Dexterity)

Class Features

  • Aura of Good
  • Detect Evil
  • Smite Evil
  • Divine Grace
  • Lay on Hands x9 for 4d6 hp per day
  • Aura of Courage
  • Divine health
  • Mercy (Sickened)
  • Mercy (Disease)
  • Channel Positive Energy
  • Divine Bond
  • Aura of Resolve

Racial Abilities

  • +2 Charisma
  • Medium
  • Bonus Feat
  • Skilled


  • Common
  • Bonus Language : Draconic

Trained or Notable Skills

(Armor Check Penalty: 1)

  • Bluff +10
  • Diplomacy +10
  • Disguise +6
  • Handle Animal +12
  • Heal +3
  • Intimidate +10
  • Knowledge(Local) +2
  • Knowledge(Nobility) +4
  • Knowledge(Religion) +4
  • Ride +14
  • Sense Motive +4
  • Spellcraft +4
  • Stealth +4
  • Swim +4
  • Fire Resistance +3


  • Toughness (Level 1)
  • Shield Focus (Human Bonus Feat)
  • Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword) (Level 3)
  • Mounted Combat (Level 5)
  • Ride By Attack (Level 7)


  • Fluffy (Your overabundance of words has given you +1 to Bluff and Diplomacy and 1 Bonus Language)
  • Business (Material Bonus: You’re a busy businessman. Your new Magic Item Shop in Battle Market is finally showing some profit!)
  • Administration (Story Bonus: Busier still! You’ve agreed to help Alma and Garavel run things in Kelmerane.)
  • Moldspeaker (Special Bonus: Your flaky appendage just gets niftier by the minute! You can now manifest Tempest out of of pure mold dust… Gross)


Currency: 0pp 520gp 0sp 0cp


  • Tempest (In Hand or sheath; 6lbs)
  • Longbow (In Hand or strapped to backpack; 3lbs)
  • 20 Arrows (Quiver strapped to backpack; 3lbs)
  • Minor Crown of Blasting (Head; 1lbs)
  • Wooden Holy Symbol of Sarenrae (Neck; N/A)
  • +2 Darkwood Buckler (Left Arm; 2.5lbs)
  • +3 Mithril Chainmail (Body; 20lbs)
  • Ring of Feather Fall (Left Hand; N/A)
  • +1 Ring of Protection (Right Hand; N/A)
  • +2 Cloak of Charisma (Shoulders; 1lbs)
  • Spell Component Pouch (Waist; 2lb)
  • Handy Haversack (Strapped to Back; 5lbs)

Stored within Handy Haversack-

  • +1 Mithral Breastplate (15lbs)
  • Masterwork Backpack (2lbs)
  • Platinum Ring (Backpack; N/A)
  • Silversheen (N/A)
  • Flint and Steel (N/A)
  • Skeleton Key (N/A)
  • Everburning Torch (2lbs)
  • Thunderstone (1lb)
  • 50ft of Silk Rope (5lbs)
  • 1x Shield of Faith Potion +3(N/A)
  • 2x Enlarge Person Potion +3(N/A)
  • 1x Clear Voyance Potion (Backpack; N/A)
  • Ungelent of Timelessness (N/A)
  • Elixer of Hiding (N/A)
  • Elemental Gem; Air (N/A)
  • Dust of Dryness (N/A)
  • Beast Lure (0.5lbs)
  • Beast Scent (0.5lbs)
  • Bladeguard (N/A)
  • Compass (0.5lbs)
  • Earplugs (N/A)
  • Wandermeal Ration 5x (2.5lbs)
  • Phylactery of Faithfulness (N/A)
  • Bottle of Universal Solvent x4 (N/A)

_*"Encumbrance":*: Current- 43.5; Light Load- 76, Medium Load- 153, Heavy Load- 230

Spells Known

Level One- (3/Day; DC X)

  • Hero’s Defiance
  • Knight’s Calling
  • Lesser Restoration

Level Two- (2/Day; DC X)

  • Saddle Surge
  • Light Lance

Char Odin, Son of Ben Odin comes from the Port City of Cassomir in Taldor. Born to Ben Odin, his life was fairly easy, as he had little to worry about; and often ran alongside the his father’s errand messenger boys back and forth from the local artisan shops. His best friend would often encourage him to become the apprentice the glass blower, but Char wanted more.

At 16 he left his father and took off without a real destination, only a hope: That he would break from his father’s shadow, live off his own labor, and find something worth truely living for. This separation wasn’t a dramatic one; though his father was somewhat distressed about losing his only son and heir.

Only about a week after his journey starts, Char finds himself without food and gear largely due to one whitty and talkative thief who called himself Qanzi and Char’s inability to tie his pack correctly; a necessity for those who drop their bags in rivers and ever expect to get all the contents back.

It is only after being harassed by a thief and taking a several hour ride in the upper Sellen River that he met the old Paladin named Lysander Cohen. Lysander, though rather emotionless on the outside, took pity on Char, and allowed him to travel with him to the nearest town; it was there that Char asked Cohen to train him in the ways of protecting others and becoming a paladin. Char traveled with Cohen for five years, learning his way around a sword, how to vanquish evil, and how rewarding the smiles of the protected could be. It then all ended abruptly. While backing up Lysander in the clearing out of an ancient temple to Sarenrae, Char made a terrible mistake, and lit up a torch to burn down a gnoll’s wodden addition to the building. The flame caught fast and spread fast. Within minutes the whole place was ablaze, and though Char made it out, Cohen did not.

This memory hangs in Char’s mind at all times, and although he jests and exhibits similar money handling to his father, he strives to preserve the life of every other living being unless it jeopardizes another’s.

After a rather unsettling experience with a boat, sea storm, and undead which left him stranded in Katapesh in which he was employed by a Lady Alma to clear the city of Kelmerane and ended up slaying the Demon Xulthos. He now runs a magic item shop in the Battle Market of the very city he cleared out along with the help of the Dwarfen fighter Magni and Human Druid Arturas.

Char Odin

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