Magni Bronzebeard

Dwarf Fighter; Fights defensively; Unusual case of lycanthropy



  • Class: Fighter
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Height: 5’1
  • Weight: 195
  • Hair: Bronze!
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Skin: Indian Red
  • Age: 67
  • Likes: A warm pint of Dwarven Ale
  • Dislikes: Heights
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Patron: Sarenrae
  • Trait: Slave (+1 Fortitude Saves)


  • STR: 16 (+3)
  • DEX: 14 (+2)
  • CON: 17 (+3)
  • INT: 8 (-1)
  • WIS: 10 (+0)
  • CHA: 14 (+2) (15 in daylight)


  • Fortitude: +9
  • Reflex: +3
  • Will: +2


  • Action Points: 3
  • HP: 65
  • Speed: 20ft
  • AC: 29 (Flatfooted X , Touch X)
  • Deluge (Currently Dwarven War Axe)
    • +11 Melee (1d10 +7 /x3)
    • +4 to Lawful Outsider Foes
  • Throwing Axes (5)
    • +6 Ranged (1d6 +3/x2)
  • CMB: +8 ( +5 BAB, +3 Strength)
  • CMD: 20 (10 Base, +5 BAB, +3 Strength, +2 Dexterity)

Class Features

  • Armor Training (+1 to Maximum Dexterity Bonus on Armor)
  • Bravery (+1 on will saves against fear)
  • Weapon Training: Axes (+1 Attack and Damage for Axes)

Racial Abilities

  • Darkvision (Can see 60 ft. in the dark)
  • Defensive Training: +4 AC vs. Giants
  • Greed (+2 Appraise Checks)
  • Hatred (+1 Attack Rolls vs. Goblins & Orcs)
  • Hardy (+2 Saving throws against poison, spells & spell like abilities)
  • Stability (+4 CMD vs. trip and bullrush attempts)
  • Stonecunning(+2 perception checks on unusual stonework)
  • Slow and Steady (speed is never modified by armor or encumbrance)


  • Common
  • Dwarven

Trained or Notable Skills

(Armor Check Penalty: -15)

  • Appraise +5
  • Climb +7
  • Handle Animal +7
  • Intimidate +7
  • Knowledge(Dungeoneering) +4
  • Knowledge(Engineering) +3
  • Perception +4
  • Ride +6
  • Survival +4
  • Swim +7


  • Light, Medium, & Heavy Armor Proficiency (Level 1)
  • Shield Proficiency (Level 1)
  • Tower Shield Proficiency (What Level?)
  • Shield Focus (What Level?)
  • Weapon Focus: Dwarven Waraxe (What Level?)
  • Weapon Specialization: Dwarven Waraxe (What Level?)
  • Dodge (What Level?)
  • Toughness (What Level?)
  • Endurance (What Level?)


  • Early Dwarf (Enthusiasm and swift response are their own rewards but you get +1 to Initiative!)
  • Yes We Can! (Material Bonus: You’ve spent most of the past year rebuilding Kelmerane. No doubt whistling while you worked you managed to score someone’s long lost bling! Finders keepers as all dwarfs say.)
  • Explore Personal Mystery: Lycanthropy (Story Bonus: Nasty bite you got there. I’d see a doctor… Or a Harpy… either way you’re probably boned.)


  • Currency: 0pp 332gp 27sp 0cp
  • Cloak of Resistance +1 (Strapped to Back; 2 lbs)
  • Full Plate (Worn; 50 lbs)
  • Tower Shield (Mounted on left arm; 45 lbs)
  • Ring of Protection +1 (Left Thumb; 0 lbs)

Encumbrance: Current- 97; Light Load- 76, Medium Load- 153, Heavy Load- 230


Magni Bronzebeard, a battle-hardened dwarf, hails from the Sky Citadel of Highhelm, where he was a respected armor-smith and known for his stubbornness – even among dwarfs. A few times a decade, merchants from Highhelm gather to assemble a caravan for which to brave the perils of the wilderness of the Darkmoon Vale. Bronzebeard took interest in bringing his mastercraft medium and heavy armors to the peoples of Oregent in the Vale who primarily deal in wood, silver, and glassware. Magni knew high grade armor would sell at a premium in such a city where typical ores are seldom found. Unfortunately, the caravan never made it to Oregent. It was laden with wondrous dwarven creations and made a perfect target for a raid. A large party of centaurs attacked the caravan by surprise with the intent of not only plundering the wealthy dwarven wears, but enslaving the majority of the travelers. Magni fought bravely evading several initial attempts at capture and dismembering several of the savage centaurs. The wicked centaurs eventually overwhelmed Magni and his comrades who were then dispersed for profit to the less honorable regions of Golarion. He led a humble life of servitude for many years. His ownership changed hands several times, being shipped to the far reaches of Golarion. It was on such an occasion that he first met fellow adventurers Arterus, a ranger with unparalleled skill with a bow, and Char Odin, a most venerable champion of the light. A number of years passed since the strange occurrence on the slave ship which brought these strangers to acquaintance. Magni, unfamiliar with the strange land he was shipwrecked on did not evade his owners long who came searching for their most valuable property. An agent of the Pactmasters, Alma, later aquired ownership of Magni in preparation for her bold agenda. Recent events involving the gnoll infested town of Kelmerane, which lies on the fringes of the great city of trade, Katapesh have brought the three heroes together once again. In his adventures preceding the reclamation of Kelmerane for the beautiful lady Alma, Magni contracted a rare case of lycanthropy. Little is known about this condition. Magni contributed to the cleansing of Kelmerane, surviving a near endless onslaught of gnolls on all sides. After defeating the evil that tainted all of the settlement for decades, Magni claimed the Deluge, a powerful axe left by the fallen Templar Kardswann. It is rumored that this magnificent axe transforms to a make and craft of axe that the wielder desires. In addition, the blade has a particular hungering for flesh of the law abiding. A year has passed and Kelmerane has prospered. During that time Bronzebeard, having no known family or home to return to, remained in Kelmerane and aided in the reconstruction of it’s many structures. Also, Magni is actively seeking knowledge of his rather uncivilized condition.

Magni Bronzebeard

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