A blade sharpened by viper's fang becomes sharper still

weapon (melee)

+1 Keen Falchion

The Following Spells are engraved on Asp’s blade.

  • Glitterdust
    • Gained when Aalim cut open the coinpurse of Sha’lel, the Merchant-King, for the people of Okeno.
  • True Strike
    • Gained by slicing open the eyes of the King of Arrows atop the Brazen Peaks.
  • Knock
    • Gained by shearing the chains of the Slavelord of Okeno.

When Hazari, son of La’ud, marched into the Mwangi Viper’s Nest, he sheared the heads from a thousand snakes with this very blade. A single serpent evaded the flash of steel and returned the strike with lightning speed. Only the Chieftain’s sharp reflexes saved him from a quick, but painful, death. Continuing his swing, he turned and ran the blade through the length of the serpent in mid-air; its venomed fangs scraping along the blade.

Since that moment, a keener blade has never been seen in the sands surrounding the Mwangi.

After Aalim inherited the mighty blade, the power within resisted him for some time. It would not accept the prince as its master until he had proven himself worthy. With it in hand, he fought many battles and learned many stories. It was not, however, until Aalim performed the Harrowing of Dul’mach, and in doing so released the Twelve Magi of Zaki from their imprisonment, that Asp finally submitted to his control.

Aalim now shares an Arcane Bond with the blade. Several fine engravings have appeared along the length of the blade. Each details the incantation of an enchantment the steel has consumed. Aalim can now draw a limited amount of power from the blade to power such spells.


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