A savage axe capable of changing shape and size.

weapon (melee)

+1 Lawful Outsider Bane Dwarven War Axe
Special: The wielder of the Deluge may spend a move action to concentrate on changing it’s shape. The Deluge may transform into any type of Axe.


The Deluge belongs to a set of weapons given to the Templars of the Five Winds by their mistress Nefeshti. These weapons were specifically designed to aid the wielder against the efreeti armies of Jhavhul.

Once wielded by Kardswann of the South Wind, he released it under his property upon realizing the horrors he had committed while under the influence of the demon Xulthos. It was then Magni Bronzebeard reclaimed the artifact for his own, changing it’s shape to better suit his dwarven nature.


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