The lasting remnants of a fleeting mirage


+1 Mithril Chain Shirt


Hazari, son of La’ud, upon his return from aiding the Dune Queen in retaking her throne in the Oasis Grotto, noticed that his waterskin had sprung a leak. Without the precious hydration to keep him alive, the Half-Orc Chieftain quickly lost his vigor. He fell to his knees and lamented that he would be unable to relate the story of the Dune Queen to his tribe’s Tale-Tellers. He cried out to Pharasma to whisper his story on the wind to the ears of his son.

At that very moment, the Chieftain caught glimpse of a female figure on the horizon. Her beautiful, naked body danced in a crystal pool surrounded by trees and flowers. He rushed to the spot with the last of his strength, but when he reached the spot where she had danced only moments before, she was gone. However, on the spot where she stood, a single waterskin laid atop a gleaming shirt of Mithril Chain.

Across the seams, in the Orcish tongue, are engraved the words

“Heroes Die As Heroes”


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